Can A Jeweler Change Earring Posts?

Jewelers offer earring post replacement services, using pliers to remove worn posts and insert new posts that properly fit the earring backings this inexpensive service ensures comfortable wear. Can a jeweler change earring posts? Turns out, it’s not just a possibility but a common practice. Your favorite earrings don’t need to retire just because of a broken post. A skilled jeweler can revive them, ensuring your treasured accessories stay with you for the long haul. Jewelers can replace old earring posts with precision, using pliers to remove worn ones and insert new ones. This ensures comfort and extends the life of beloved earrings, making them an excellent choice, even for diamond earrings for a baby.

Do Jewelers Offer Earring Repair Services?

Yes, jewelers do offer earring repair services. If your earrings have issues, like a broken post or a damaged clasp, a jeweler can fix them. They use special tools to make your earrings as good as new. When you visit a jeweler for repair, let them know what’s wrong.

Better To Have The Original Jeweler Change The Posts

If your earrings need a post change, it’s best to go back to the original jeweler. They know their work and can ensure a seamless replacement. Discuss your preferences and concerns upfront with the jeweler. They might offer different post materials or styles to suit your needs. Keep in mind that there could be a fee, so ask about the cost before proceeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Posts On Earrings? Getting earring posts replaced by a jeweler usually costs around $20 to $50. Prices may vary based on materials and complexity. Before proceeding, it’s wise to check with the jeweler for the exact cost and discuss any preferences you have for the new posts. Can You Swap Earring Backs? Sure, if your earring backs bother you, a jeweler can switch them. They have the tools and know-how. Just explain what you need, and they’ll take care of it. There might be a small fee. What To Do If Earring Post Is Too Big? If your earring post is too big, head to a jeweler. They can replace it with a smaller one. Discuss preferences and any associated costs with the jeweler.


Many cherish favorite earrings. But posts can wear loose over time. Stopping comfortable wear. Most quality jewelers offer post replacement services. They use precision pliers removing worn posts. And insert new posts properly fitting backings. Allowing continued use of beloved earrings. Consider visiting a jeweler near you. This quick and affordable service. When backs are loose or painful. No need to retire cherished earrings. With new posts they can be comfortably worn again. Preserving special jewelry for more years. And saving money compared to a replacement pair.