Does Claire’s Do Helix Piercings?

Claire’s Do offers helix piercings. Helix is on the upper ear cartilage. It needs proper aftercare routine. Cleaning is a must for healing. Saline solution works great. Avoid sleeping on the pierced side. It may cause irritation or migration. Helix piercings look stylish and chic. Trendy ear piercings are in vogue. Does claire’s do helix piercings? Claire’s offers helix piercings. Helix is a cool ear cartilage spot. Piercings make a bold style statement. Get pierced at a reputable place. Claire’s has trained piercing experts. Claire’s sensitive solutions earrings offer a gentle option for those with sensitive ears. Their expertise ensures a precise and comfortable piercing experience. With Claire’s sensitive solutions earrings, clients can trust in both style and safety.

Helix Piercing Claire’s

Looking to get a helix piercing? Claire’s has got you covered. They offer helix piercings along with other ear piercing services. It’s a popular choice for those wanting to add a stylish flair to their ears. Before heading to Claire’s, check if your local store provides helix piercings.

Claire’s Helix Piercing Age

Claire’s typically performs helix piercings on customers who are at least 13 years old. This policy helps ensure that individuals are mature enough to care for their piercing properly. Before getting a helix piercing at Claire’s, it’s important to have a parent or legal guardian present if you’re under 18 years old.

Safe To Get A Helix Piercing At Home

Getting a helix piercing at home may seem convenient, but it’s not recommended. Professional piercers have the training and tools to ensure safety. They follow strict hygiene protocols, reducing the risk of infections. They use sterile equipment, minimizing complications.

Care For A Fresh Helix Piercing

To care for a fresh helix piercing, it’s crucial to keep it clean and avoid irritants. Clean the piercing twice a day with saline solution, which can be made with non-iodized sea salt and warm water. Use a cotton ball or pad to gently clean around the piercing, avoiding twisting or turning the jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Claire Do Cartilage Piercings? Yes, Claire’s does offer cartilage piercings. It’s always best to check with your local Claire’s store for their specific services and availability. How Much Should A Helix Piercing Cost? Helix piercings typically cost between $20 to $50, not including the price of jewelry. Why Is Claire’s Bad To Get Ears Pierced? Claire’s has faced criticism for ear piercing due to hygiene and safety concerns.


While Claire’s offers convenient ear piercing services, caution is advised. Reports of infections and improper piercings highlight the importance of thorough research. It’s crucial to prioritize safety by choosing reputable piercing studios with trained professionals. Opting for experienced piercers may involve higher costs but ensures a safer procedure. Your health and well-being are paramount when considering any body modification. Selecting a trusted piercing professional can make a significant difference in your piercing experience.