How Long Does It Take For An Earring Hole To Close Up?

An earring hole begins to close up when you stop wearing earrings for a long time. The skin starts to grow over the hole because the area is not kept open by an earring anymore. Keeping the hole open requires putting an earring back in on occasion. Earring holes close up over time after you stop wearing earrings. How long does it take for an earring hole to close up? The timeline varies. Some take weeks. Others take months. Some it happens rapidly in just days. Keeping the hole open means putting an earring back in occasionally. Some people find that a hole closes in a few weeks without an earring. For others, it takes months. Even for pierced ears, the holes can close surprisingly fast if left empty. Keeping them open means putting earrings back through on occasion. Continued jewelry usage, such as Claire’s sensitive solutions earrings made of hypoallergenic materials, helps prevent the holes from sealing.

What Is The Average Closure Time For Earring Holes In Adults?

On average, earring holes in adults close up within a few days to several weeks after removing the earrings. The closure time varies based on factors such as the age of the piercing and individual healing rates. New piercings may close within hours if earrings are removed, while older piercings might take longer to seal shut.

How To Close Ear Piercing Hole Permanently?

If you want to close an ear piercing hole permanently, the most effective method is surgical closure. This involves a minor surgical procedure where a healthcare professional stitches the hole closed. Afterward, the area will heal over time, leaving minimal scarring. Surgical closure ensures the hole is permanently sealed and won’t reopen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Go Without Wearing Earrings Before The Holes Close? If your piercing is new, it might close in hours or days without earrings. Older piercings could take weeks or months to close fully. Consult a professional if you’re worried about it. How Long Until I Can Leave My Earrings Out? If your piercing is new, it could close quickly. Older piercings, it varies. It might take days or even weeks. Some holes may never fully close. If you’re unsure, ask a professional. How Do You Know If Your Earring Hole Is Closed? To check if your earring hole is closed, remove your earring gently. Look closely at the hole. If there’s no visible opening and the skin covers it completely, it’s likely closed.


Earring holes close at different rates. Some it takes weeks without earrings before the holes start sealing. Others take months to begin closure. Time between earrings means faster closure. Occasional earring use keeps holes open. The closure timeline varies by individual. Holes that close fastest take days without earrings. Most take weeks to months before sealing. Continued earring use maintains open holes. If you want holes stayed open, put earrings back through every few weeks. Stopping use allows closure.