What To Do If Earring Posts Are Too Thick?

Earring posts that are too thick for the pierced holes in ears can cause pain and irritation the post may not fit through the hole or it feels too tight and uncomfortable in the earlobe, potentially leading to infection or closure of the piercing if continually worn. Thick earring posts hurt pierced ears. The post won’t go through the hole. The earlobe feels irritated. Infection develops. The piercing may close up. What to do if earring posts are too thick? See a piercer to replace the post with a thinner, comfortable one that fits properly. A too-thick post pains a pierced ear. It won’t slide into the hole. Forcing it tears the piercing. The ear gets red and swollen. Infection sets in. The hole starts closing. The earring must come off. Seeking help is a must, especially if you have delicate 1/2 carat diamond earrings. A piercer can assess the damage.

How To Address Thick Earring Posts?

If your earring posts are too thick, start by trying rubber earring backs or clear plastic ones for a better fit. If these options don’t work, consider filing or sanding down the post gently. Be cautious not to damage the earring. If you’re unsure, seek help from a jeweler who can professionally adjust the posts.

Tips For Ensuring Comfort And Avoiding Injury With Thick Earring Posts

Thick earring posts can be stylish, but they also require special care to ensure comfort and avoid injury. Here are some tips to help you Choose the Right Size: Ensure the thickness of the earring posts is appropriate for your piercing. If the posts are too thick, they may stretch or irritate your earlobes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Thin Out Earring Posts? To thin out earring posts, file or sand them gently. Use rubber or plastic backs for a snug fit. Seek a jeweler’s help if necessary for professional adjustments. Prioritize comfort and safety. Can Earring Posts Be Made Thinner? Yes, earring posts can be made thinner. You can file or sand them down gently. Rubber or plastic earring backs can also help. If needed, visit a jeweler for professional adjustments. How Thick Should Earring Posts Be? Earring posts should be thin enough for comfort but thick enough for support. Striking this balance ensures a comfortable and secure fit.


Too-thick posts cause pain. They irritate piercings. This can lead to infection. It may close holes. See a professional piercer. They can properly assess. They’ll replace the post. A good fit feels comfortable. The piercing can still heal well. Don’t force thick posts. Allow holes to close. Get it re-pierced properly. Wait until completely healed again. Have the piercer select the post. Check fit while still numb. Ensure it feels comfortable. Quality posts prevent problems. Happy healed piercings.