What Necklace To Wear With Big Earrings?

Big earrings are large decorative items worn on earlobes to draw attention. They come in various shapes and materials like hoops, chandeliers, studs made of metal, gems, wood, plastic. Some dangle while others clip onto the ear.

Earrings with large, eye-catching details grab attention. But what necklace to wear with big earrings? The wrong necklace competes with flashy earrings. The right one complements in shape, size, and style. Carefully chosen, a necklace can let those dramatic earrings shine. 

Big earrings demand attention, but it’s important to ensure the necklace doesn’t compete. It should complement the earrings’ style and shape, using similar lines, materials, and flows to create harmony while avoiding issues like earrings turning black.

Key Takeaway

  • Opt for a subtle necklace with big earrings.
  • Choose delicate chains or a simple pendant for balance.
  • Avoid chunky necklaces to keep the focus on statement earrings.

Wear Hoop Earrings With a Necklace

When rocking hoop earrings alongside a necklace, finding that sweet spot of balance is crucial. Whether your hoops make a statement or your necklace steals the spotlight, strike a harmonious contrast. 

This timeless pairing effortlessly elevates your overall look, delivering a dose of sophistication without overdoing it. The mantra here: simplicity meets style seamlessly.

Pair Earrings With Necklaces

StudsDelicate Chain Necklace
HoopsStatement Pendant
DanglesLayered Necklace
Ear CuffsChoker
Drop EarringsLong Strand Necklace

Pairing earrings with necklaces is key to a polished look. Choose complementary colors and styles for a cohesive vibe. If your earrings are bold, go for a subtle necklace, and vice versa. Keep it balanced for a stylish finish.

Opt for one statement piece to avoid overwhelming your outfit. If your earrings are intricate, go for a simple necklace, or if your necklace is a standout, keep the earrings understated. Mixing and matching is fun, but harmony is the secret to effortless elegance.

Can You Wear Earrings And Necklaces Together?

Can You Wear Earrings And Necklaces Together?

Sure, you can absolutely wear earrings and necklaces together. It’s all about balance and personal style. Match small earrings with a delicate necklace for a subtle look. If your earrings are bold, go for a simpler necklace or skip it altogether.

Experiment with mixing metals or keeping it uniform for a polished appearance. Ultimately, it’s about expressing yourself and feeling confident in your choices.

Should I Choose A Delicate Necklace?

When considering whether to wear a delicate necklace with big earrings, it’s important to find a balance. Big earrings draw attention, so a simple necklace can complement rather than compete. Opt for a thin chain or a small pendant to keep the focus on the earrings. 

Sometimes, it’s best to skip the necklace altogether, allowing the earrings to shine on their own. Less can be more when it comes to accessorizing, and the goal is to enhance your overall look without overwhelming it. So, choose a delicate necklace if it adds to your style without overshadowing those statement earrings.

What’s Your Face Shape?

Determining your face shape is easy. Start by pulling your hair back and examining your jawline. If it’s the widest part of your face, you might have a square or round shape. Oval faces have balanced proportions, while heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin. Knowing your face shape helps in choosing flattering hairstyles and glasses.

Round Faces

Round faces have soft curves without prominent angles. To flatter this shape, opt for hairstyles and accessories that add definition and elongate the face. Consider hairstyles with layers or side-swept bangs, and choose earrings and necklaces with angular or elongated designs to create the illusion of length.

Square Faces

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Heart-Shaped Faces

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How To Balance Big Earrings?

How To Balance Big Earrings?

When wearing big earrings, it’s important to strike a balance in your overall look. One way to achieve this is by pairing them with a simple necklace or forgoing a necklace entirely. By keeping the focus on the earrings, you ensure they remain the standout piece of your outfit. 

Selecting smaller accessories such as rings or bracelets can help complement the boldness of the earrings without overwhelming your look. The key is to maintain a sense of minimalism in your jewelry choices to achieve a well-balanced and stylish ensemble.

When Not to Wear a Necklace?

When your outfit is full of patterns or has a complex neckline, it’s best to skip the necklace to keep things simple and stylish. At the gym or in the pool, leave the necklace behind to avoid discomfort or damage. 

When wearing high necklines, let your outfit take the spotlight without the distraction of a necklace. Choosing when not to wear a necklace ensures your style remains effortless and appropriate for the occasion.

Pair a bold necklace and stud earrings

Enhance your style effortlessly by pairing a bold necklace with stud earrings. The necklace draws attention with its daring design, while the subtle stud earrings add a touch of elegance. Together, they create a balanced look that’s both striking and refined. Elevate your outfit with this dynamic duo, making a statement without saying a word.

Make a statement without saying a word by combining a bold necklace with stud earrings. The boldness of the necklace complements the understated charm of stud earrings, striking a perfect balance. Elevate your style effortlessly with this pairing, achieving a look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Match contrasting shapes

Match contrasting shapes

Shapes, like people, have their own personalities. Some are round, embracing softness, while others, like squares, stand firm and unyielding. Contrasting shapes create visual excitement, a dance between the curves and angles that sparks interest.

In design, pairing circles with squares, triangles with ovals, brings harmony through diversity. It’s the balance of opposites that catches the eye, making a visual statement that echoes in the mind. Embrace the interplay of contrasting shapes, and watch as your designs come alive with dynamic energy.

Take a bold approach to color coordination

When selecting colors, think of it as creating art. Begin with a strong foundation using intense shades such as deep blue or vivid red. Add in harmonizing tones to achieve a lively and unified appearance.

Embrace the power of contrast; combining bold colors generates a visually striking effect. Have confidence in your intuition and allow your creative flair to be evident in your color selections.

Mix sparkle and color

Add a dash of excitement to your world by mixing sparkle and color. Glittering hues burst forth, creating a vibrant symphony for your eyes. Let the brilliance illuminate your surroundings, turning the ordinary into a kaleidoscope of joy.

Dive into a palette of possibilities as you blend sparkle and color. Watch as the magic unfolds, injecting life into the mundane. Sparkle and color, a dynamic duo transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Earrings To Wear With Chunky Necklace

Earrings To Wear With Chunky Necklace

Pairing earrings with a chunky necklace is all about balance. If your necklace is bold and eye-catching, opt for simple stud earrings. They add a touch of elegance without overwhelming your look.

On the flip side, if your chunky necklace is a bit more understated, go for statement earrings. Play with shapes and textures to keep things interesting. The key is to create harmony between your earrings and necklace for a well-put-together style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wear necklace with big earrings?

Wearing a necklace with big earrings can elevate your style. The key is balance – if your earrings are bold, go for a subtle necklace. Matching them perfectly might overpower your look, so mix sizes for a chic, not too busy, vibe.

Can I wear earrings and a necklace?

Sure, you can wear earrings and a necklace together. Just match the styles, and you’re good to go. Mix it up or keep it simple it’s all about your vibe.

What do you wear with heavy earrings?

Pair heavy earrings with simple outfits. Opt for solid colors or basic patterns to let the earrings shine. Avoid busy clothing to keep the focus on your statement accessories.


Big earrings can be paired with simple necklaces. A delicate chain necklace keeps your look balanced without clashing against bright, colorful earrings. A solitaire pendant on a dainty chain compliments big statement earrings. Bigger style earrings call for care when choosing a matching necklace.

Opt for a minimalist necklace to avoid looking over-accessorized. When wearing big chandelier or hoop earrings go with a basic necklace. Big earrings make a statement so let them be the main accessory focus. Keep your neckline free of additional jewelry. A basic short necklace or absence of neck accents works well.

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